Learn 5 Ways Branding Will Grow Your Business

1. Using an identifiable color palette can increase brand recognition by 80%

The psychology of branding follows the idea that customers recognize color, shape and then read words in that order. That means the right colors are key to success in recall. (according to a University of Loyola, Maryland study). 

See if you can guess the brands represented by these 4 blocks. Click and hold or press to reveal the answer:





2. 64% of people who have a ‘brand relationship’ have it because of shared values.

This is the age of corporate responsibility and nothing will accelerate your brand’s authenticity and loyalty faster than shared values under a philanthropic initiative. (Harvard Business Review)

3. Great branding instills trust in customers, employees and potential customers.

There are brands that do such a great job of conveying and executing their brand promise that consumers are less wary to purchase. They trust that the brand will deliver.

4. Branding tells the story of who and why.

If you don’t think this is important, then ask yourself how many times you’ve had to explain to friends, family, etc. what you do for a living. How do you concisely communicate the intricacies of your company’s value? If this wasn’t extremely valuable, elevator speeches wouldn’t exist. Holistic branding is all about informing everyone in your brand’s area of influence about your values and expertise and more importantly “The Why“. Why are you different? Why are you the right choice?

5. Introduce another dimension of competitiveness.

I’ve told potential clients for years that if they have unlocked cold fusion and therefore have no threats in the marketplace for competition, they can thrive without attention to branding. Branding is all about competition and edge. It adds a dimension to your repertoire that can help you succeed in areas where your competition is absent. You can compete on quality, service and price but you can only take those things so far before your bottom line is gouged terribly just to stay in the game. To boost margins, you need brand husbandry.

“…The idea of brand equity arose in America in the 1980s after a bout of cut-throat discounting by consumer-goods companies, which prompted them to look for less-savage and more enduring ways to boost sales.” (The Economist)

Brands is a passion at CEED Creative. Weaving a tapestry of supporting touch points like, logos, websites, mobile apps, marketing, etc. are all in the CEED Creative wheelhouse. Talk to us about your business and let us ‘Grow Your Business by Design™’

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