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If you missed my presentation last night or even if you didn’t, I’d like to make a quick post with some assets from the talk. I did a presentation on the workplace relationship between developers and designers and detailed tips and procedures to strengthen efficiency, time management and overall project performance. The presentation was titled, “Designers are from Mars, Developers are from Venus”.

If you missed it you missed out on these sweet, free stickers!

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Photos from last night’s presentation

Source 1

Source 2

Links to helpful bookmarklets:

960 Gridder (throw a 960 grid and baseline over your layouts)

XRay (individually retrieve the CSS and other variables of an element on a page by clicking it)

Syncotype (throw a baseline grid only over your layouts)

Grid javascript (Another, full-functional grid bookmarklet)

Resize browser (View your browser in popular aspect ratios with a click)

Download a PDF of my slide presentation

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